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My thoughts on today’s news…

When things rock the church it breaks my heart. As I sifted through this current event I felt led to share my thoughts…

I recall going to Calvary Chapel what must have been over 20 years ago. It was still a very small church where everyone knew one another on a first name basis. Pastor Bob used to come meet all of us at Denny’s after church. There is something about one of his sermons that stuck with me and it is something my husband and I have often discussed throughout the “rapid growth” years of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale.

As the then small church grew, pastor Bob shared his vision of training up another pastor to open a Calvary chapel out west. Eventually this growth became reality and pastor Bob became frustrated. One Sunday he spoke about his frustration and explained passionately that as the church grew, the biblical model was to spin off and start more smaller churches. He went on to fervently explain that if we lived out west we should be attending the church out west. The pastor was equipped and part of the original body. He made it clear that the congregation was not to follow Bob but follow Christ. This was a passion of his… I know this- I was there.

Flash forward 20 years and it has often caused me great sadness to see what Calvary grew into, not because I am anti-big church but I often wondered what happened to that vision and passion that small churches should rise up and replicate. I know that was Pastor Bob’s heart. I often wondered if he ever felt guilt or compromise or did he simply change his mind?

I may never know the real answer to this question but after today, I feel I have an idea. My prayer is that God did what Pastor Bob the man couldn’t. He plucked him up out of the machine and is placing him back in His control. While his sin is sad, I believe that what can come of it is a beautiful renewal and rebirth of the husband and father this family once knew. A new start, a quiet life. Why? Because sometimes when really bad things happen it is because we have allowed ourselves to mess up so royally that there is no going back, we have to get out. What if perhaps this was the case? I mean really, do you think Pastor Bob ever truly felt like he could step down or simply leave the ministry? Calvary Chapel was Bob Coy.

What I wish most was that we had our vision of a retreat up and running so that we could offer solace and quiet for this family so that they could hear those same words I heard when I went through one of the worst times in my life. “I am here, it is all gone, relax…weep, breathe, rest and let me care for you.”

God can care for His people without Bob Coy. He never NEEDED Bob Coy, or anyone else for that matter. What God does want is for Bob Coy to again be His and His alone. This makes me excited for Pastor Bob and his family; I am excited to NOT see how it works. I am excited to NOT see him in the limelight and I am extra excited to one day hear in eternity how God brought Bob Coy back to Him.